These are the Terms and Conditions that manage the relation between you as a user of the contents and services that DOCC LLC (hereinafter, "DOCC") make available through the website http://figgu.com/ and the mobile app of the same name for mobile devices with Android operating system ("FIGGU", the "Site " or the "Platform").
By using this Platform, or buying or downloading any of the products of the Platform, you accept unrestrictedly all clauses within these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, you guarantee that any use of the Platform made under your account will comply with these Terms and Conditions.
The contents and products related in these Terms and Conditions are the ones included in the Platform (both on the website and the mobile app). If applicable, access or purchase of content will require previous payment. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time, without notice.


In order to access the Platform, you first need to create a FIGGU account. To this end, you must provide a valid e- mail address or access through Facebook.
You are responsible for all activity conducted through your account, including the activities of third parties to whom you have provided account information or otherwise have gained access to your account. In the event that you notice that your account has been subject to misuse, you must proceed to change your password immediately and give notice thereof to the Site.
By logging in, you are confirming that you are according to law of your home country authorized to use the Platform on your own behalf and on your own account. The use of the Platform by not fully contractually capable persons, respectively minors, is permitted only under the direction, survey and on the authority of the parents, respectively legal guardians or temporary guardians. If parents, legal guardians or temporary guardians authorize use of the Platform, for example, by providing credit card data for payment, they have to guarantee that not fully contractually capable persons only use the Platform under acknowledgement and observance of these Terms and Conditions.


DOCC is entitled to implement new content as components and services to the Platform, at any time and in its sole discretion. DOCC is moreover entitled to close the Platform entirely and to cease the service. Before closing the Platform and ceasing the service, DOCC would, giving appropriate lead time, contact registered users in this regard under the e-mail address provided and notify from when the Platform would not be accessible anymore, notwithstanding that DOCC will comply delivery of all products already requested and paid. After lapse of the time indicated in the corresponding message, you will not be able to access the Platform and your contents anymore.


In order to proceed with the closure of your account, you must give notice thereof to the e-mail address support@figgu.com and, consequently, the Site will proceed with the closure of your account.


Information on the price of any product will be available at all times and confirmed before your order is placed. DOCC is entitled to modify the list price and purchasing terms at any time and in its sole discretion. In any case, the applicable prices and purchasing terms will be the ones informed at the moment in which you place your order.
If you wish to order the products FIGGU offers, you must pay the applicable fees through the means for payment directed on the Site. Such fees will be collected, as stated in the conditions of each product, depending on the means used for payment.
DOCC excludes warranties and liabilities of any kind for the payment method freely chosen by you. You also acknowledge that DOCC is entitled not to provide services or deliver products that have not been effectively paid for. This, regardless of whether you have actually made the payment through the applicable payment method.
If you have any questions regarding payment, if changes have been made in the payment method used, if you believe someone has misused your credit card data or someone has gained access to the items you have purchased without your consent, notice thereof shall be given to the Site to the e- mail address support@figgu.com.


Only personal use of passwords to access the Site is allowed.
No content of the Platform, regardless of its nature, shall be downloaded, published, broadcasted, retransmitted directly or indirectly in any medium or support for other use than strictly personal. Therefore, any commercial use, distribution, modification or alteration of the contents of the Platform is strictly prohibited without express conformity by DOCC.
By using the Platform, you agree not to sell, publish, distribute, retransmit or provide access to its contents.
You agree not to use the Platform for any unlawful purpose. DOCC reserves the right to restrict or intermit access to the Platform if there is reasonable suspicion that you are violating any existing law, are infringing third party rights or these Terms and Conditions. In the event of massive downloads of content, DOCC reserves the right to restrict or intermit access to the Platform, cancel the corresponding account, and take the legal actions deemed appropriate.
DOCC is not responsible in the event the user name you provided affect third parties, or is protected by copyright or other existing laws, or result vulgar or offensive.
FIGGU may provide links to websites or services of other companies through the Site, and may also facilitate the download of software of other companies. You accept that DOCC shall not be responsible for such services and products.
DOCC does not pose content of advertisement as its own. Therefore, DOCC excludes warranties and liabilities of any kind for content of advertisement or any other content of third parties, as well as for a possible interactions between you and those third parties.


You are responsible for your account information and any contents provided being true, complete, confidential and safe. If your account information or any contents provided are proved to be false, DOCC is entitled to intermit or restrict access to your account, regardless of taking the legal actions deemed appropriate. Moreover, DOCC shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the lack of veracity of the account information provided by you.


DOCC provides the Platform “as seen” and “according to availability” and does not give warranty of any kind whastsoever regarding the contents of the Platform.
The technical requirements your devices and their software need to fulfill in order to access the Platform are detailed on the website. These requirements are subject to change without notice. DOCC is unpledged to facilitate former versions of hardware or software other than the state of the art at a time.
Access to the Platform is only possible with an active and sufficiently fast internet connection. Internet connection will be provided by your external provider, and DOCC does not have any bearing on that.
DOCC will do whatever is in its power to provide access to the Platform or the products purchased by you. However, DOCC is not responsible for damages produced to your hardware or your equipment caused by technical failures in the internet connection. Moreover, DOCC is not liable for failure in the internet connection that might prevent your access to the Platform and, therefore, DOCC excludes any warranty concerning this matter.
It is not part of the service provided by DOCC that the Platform is accessible at any time, safe or without fault; or that minor errors in the software or in the service are corrected. Therefore, DOCC excludes any warranty concerning this matter. You are explicitly noting and agreeing that DOCC is liable only to deliberate intention and wanton negligence toward you. Liability for loss of profit, for indirect and for immaterial damage is excluded at any rate.


DOCC is entitled to temporarily intermit access to your account and your contents, if there is reasonable suspicion that you or a third party, who is in use of your account information, are infringing these Terms and Conditions or are violating existing law in connection with the use of this Platform or if technical circumstances or security issues necessitate it. DOCC is going to notify you in written form if there is reasonable suspicion of infringement of these Terms and Conditions or existing law, and give you the opportunity of justification and clarification concerning the matter. If the suspicion cannot be abandoned, DOCC is entitled to close your account irretrievably, without refund or compensation. You explicitly note that, upon closure of your account, your entire contents, particularly all of the pictures, videos, texts and other contents purchased by you, are deleted irretrievably and that you have no longer access to them of any kind whatsoever.


Notwithstanding your account data, DOCC is entitled to collect or ask for the following data:

- Personal data (i.e. name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address)
- Profile information (i.e. age, gender, country of residence and any other information you wish to provide as profile information)
- Electronic identification data (cookies, IP addresses)
- Information relating to traffic and statistics of searches made
- List of contacts
- Information about the collections and items purchased
- Communications with FIGGU made through any of the available channels

These data will be used for the following purposes, without limitation:

- To verify users identities
- To provide products that meet the interests of users
- To manage purchases made through the Platform and provide other services to users
- To customize, modify, enhance or adapt the software, contents, services, designs, and any other aspect of the Platform
- To improve the functionality of the Platform and the search engines
- To provide assistance to users
- To report of the Platform updates, products and services provided
- To request participation in surveys or forms
- To solve disputes

DOCC is committed to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all data.
DOCC is neither going to disclose these data to a third party, nor sell or rent them, as long as you have not given your consent in this regard, except that there is an obligation to do so under applicable law or pursuant to order issued by competent authority.
In order to provide the products purchased by you, DOCC might share these data with operators, agents, sponsors, banks and other payment providers, and service providers if necessary. In all cases, DOCC will require these third parties to adopt all the necessary measures to protect your information.
DOCC reserves the right to include these data, collected as an asset, in any process of company merger and/or acquisition.


FIGGU uses cookies for the provision of its services. Cookies are small files sent from FIGGU’s server and saved on your computer.
FIGGU uses cookies in order to generate anonymous, aggregate statistical information, which enables FIGGU to retrace steps made by users on the Platform and improve the structure of the Site.
Please note that some of DOCC’s business partners (such as advertising partners) use cookies on the Site. DOCC has no influence on such business partners’ cookies, no they are accessible to FIGGU.
Some contents and services of the Platform require enabling cookies. Therefore, if your internet browser is set up so that you do not enable cookies, such contents and services will not be displayed.


These Terms and Conditions, the business relationship between you and DOCC, including possible questions on the legal conclusion of a contractual relationship and including possible disputes, underlie the laws of the Republic of Argentina to the exclusion of the international civil laws and conflict rules.
The court responsible for commercial matters in the Republic of Argentina is also responsible in this case.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, you compromise to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise in the development of the business relationship between you and DOCC prior to going to the jurisdiction provided.
Those who choose to access the Platform from any location do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws accordingly.

Updated: 16 June 2014

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