Figgu is the ultimate platform
for Digital Trading Cards.

Collect, play, trade and discover hundreds of collections!

  • Discover

    Browse hundreds of stickers and trading cards collections.


    Keep all your favorite Figgus in one place.


    Challenge your friends, win new Figgus and earn trophies.


    Swap your Figgus with worldwide users and complete your collections.

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  • Design Your Own Figgu Collection

    Everyone, from indie artists to professional designers, is welcome to create their own Figgu Collection.
    Just follow these simple steps and get ready to distribute and sell your artwork worldwide!

    1- Submit your work: Send us 10 figgus sample to The final collection must be from 100 to 650 figgus.
    2- Review: We will review your artwork and if it fits our collection criteria we will contact you.
    3- Start Selling: We will upload your collection to Figgu and it will be available for sale all over the world.
    4- Get Paid: You will receive up to 60% of the proceeds from the sale of your collection.



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    Agus Aliaga
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